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: Mer & Qt : What MeeGo Should Have Been!

Making "Qt on Mer" the solution of choice for device vendors


Mer: Conceived in Maemo, forged in MeeGo, Mer is now a mature open-source distro for making devices. The foundation for both Plasma Active and Jolla's SailfishOS and their upcoming smartphone - a truly world class opensource base for Qt products.


The Mer platform on mobile, TV, IVI, tablet and more
Why our Vendor-oriented approach matters
What's in the box; what's around the box?
Mer and QtCreator
Qt5 - now, not the future

Covering Mer's birth, the MeeGo years and how we now work in a truly collaborative and open project to make Mer productisable.

Mer supports organisational collaboration; our vendor focus drove the design from the project structure through the architecture, the deliverables and the processes. We continuously ask "How will this decision affect vendors using our solution to make a product?"

Mer delivers a world-class platform for building products: after all, it's an ultra-modern Linux stack with a strong upstream focus that partners with a world-class graphical framework; it rocks!

I'll explain why "code is not enough"; what else we deliver and how we ensure that the code, policies and processes you tell your customers to use are up to the job.

Then some details of the Mer plugin for QtCreator; how we're addressing cross-platform. cross-compilation and emulation.


Day: 2013-07-13
Start time: 11:50
Duration: 00:30
Track: New Ideas




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