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Lecture: Marble - News from the Free Virtual Globe

Highlights of the upcoming version


Marble is a swiss army knife for maps - and it's more than a globe: in the most recent version it serves as a great example for KDE-EDU and its usage in education: Its visualization of map data covers mapping, navigation as well as earth science. Recently Marble has also added space science and astronomy to the mix. This presentation will show the latest additions - with a special focus on improvements that have been done during the latest GCI 2012 and GSoC 2013 projects.

The Marble project has grown into a quite successful community project. Right from the start one of the primary use cases of the software had been education. As such it has been part of the KDE EDU software. Nowadays Marble is used at schools and universities - and even a printed classroom atlas for schools ships with a custom version of Marble. Latest development has also been funded by the European Space Agency through the ESA Summer of Code in Space student program: This has led to the addition of space science and astronomy features to Marble in the latest releases. In addition to that we'll also present the latest additions provided by our GCI 2012 and GSoC 2013 students. This will also cover the latest state of OpenGL support and our new KML editor mode.


Day: 2013-07-13
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community




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