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Lecture: People in KDE

A metacontacts library


With increasing online services users get information on contacts or “people” from multiple sources, PIM can fetch address books from various sources such as GMail, Facebook, Kolab and Exchange servers, in addition contact information is retrieved from multiple other sources such as Instant messaging contacts from Telepathy.

We are working towards a system to aggregate all the multiple contact sources into a manageable way, as people. To solve this we aggregate all the information in Nepomuk and provide a library, kpeople, to allow easy access to this information by developers.

KDE PIM, and Telepathy now use a common base to represent higher order information about Contacts - Nepomuk. This talks aims at giving a rough technical overview of how the data is represented and how the entire architecture works.

In this presentation we will be giving a high level overview of kpeople, the proposed library and how it solves the problems we face in a modern desktop.

We will cover the technical aspects of how data is pushed into Nepomuk, what happens behind the scenes and how it is stored and retrieved.

We will outline how it is used in KDE currently by KDE Telepathy and PIM, and our future plans and direction.


Day: 2013-07-14
Start time: 14:45
Duration: 00:30
Track: New Ideas




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