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Podium: The KDE Democracy

Looking back at our community mutations


After the announcement of the KDE Manifesto last year, this talk will aim at looking at the current trends in the community. It will also try to give a taste of what is to come, and how the community can keep improving.

In October 2012, the KDE Manifesto was publicaly announced. It was a visible artifact of a long mutation within the community. It immediately raises the following questions:
* What exactly was this mutation?
* Is it over of still on-going?
* Which kind of outcomes should we expect?

To try to answer those questions (and more), we will take a look back at the history of the community. How it spawned from a single post by an obscure german student and grew into this international team of people.

We will also look at the cultural and organizational tools put in place to help this community strive. We will highlight how decisions are taken, and where the power lies in the community.

Finally we will look at the challenges which can be expected within and outside the boundaries of the community as we know it. We will conclude by proposing some ideas of further changes the community could put in place to address them.


Day: 2013-07-14
Start time: 14:15
Duration: 00:30
Track: Keynotes




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