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Task-Centered UIs in Plasma Active


This talk presents our ideas for a paradigm-shift in the ways computer work:
From an application-centric system to a task-centric system. Instead of being "a bucket full of apps", we want to show on the example of Plasma Active how a tightly integrated system combines different components seamlessly to optimally support the users' workflows while completing a given task.

The application-centric paradigm which currently dominates desktop and - even more so - mobile computing does not really correspond to how humans work: For a human, the task at hand is the center of attention, not the tools used to complete that task. To provide an example: For a user, what counts is that she wants to write a letter to her customer, not that she wants to open Words and create a new document with the template "Business Letter".

To better match the users' world, the Plasma Active team has started conceptualizing a shift to a task-centric paradigm. Within that paradigm, users do not choose between different applications, but choose directly the task they want to accomplish, and the system offers them the ideal combination of tools, user interfaces, templates and other resources, seamlessly integrated into a workflow optimized for their specific task.

In the talk, we will present the ideas we currently have regarding this new approach and how we plan to realize our vision with Plasma Active.


Day: 2013-07-13
Start time: 17:40
Duration: 00:30
Track: New Ideas




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