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Lecture: How I did pair programming on KDE

More eyeballs for getting better stuff done


We follow pair programming most of time at my workplace. It seemed weird at first but slowly I got used to it and felt that its pretty good. Couple of us in Bangalore thought its a good idea and we tried it on KDE software. In this talk I will share the experience we had and stuff we got done.

Pair programming is very efficient at couple of things -
1. Getting newcomers started very quickly
2. Make people more productive (contrary to popular belief)

Having done it at work, few KDE contributors tried this out whenever they'd meet in person and hack on something. The results were surprising and are worth sharing with the rest of the community.

This will help people make their contributions better in quality, and make it *even more fun* to contribute.


Day: 2013-07-13
Start time: 16:55
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community




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