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Fasttrack: Everything Qt

KDE's Qt library archive


On we collect all third party Qt libraries, which exist on this planet. More than a third of the 166 libraries which are there come from KDE, most of them as part of KDE Frameworks 5.

Inqlude makes it easy for developers of Qt applications to find the libraries they need. It helps finding documentation, packages, and upstream sources. The site is run by KDE. The content is curated by the community. Users like it.

In this talk I will show you what is there on Inqlude, and how it works. I will invite you to participate and show how this is done.

This presentation is targeted at developers of Qt applications, and people who are interested in helping with Inqlude. We have a great tool with this to show what is there in the Qt development universe, and how KDE contributes to that.

Inqlude has matured quite a bit since its inception at the Randa meeting 2011. With the release of KDE Frameworks 5 now is the time to push it more widely, so that the overall Qt community can benefit from it.


Day: 2014-09-06
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 00:10
Track: Fast Track




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