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Technicaltalk: KDE in Asia

Experiences from Taiwan and India


In 2013, there was a big progress to promote FOSS in Taiwan's school -- the NTPC project. This is the first time to purchase computers with single Linux OS and pre-installed with KDE 4. This talk introduced the background and current status of NTPC, and summaries what we learned from this project.

Just months later, a dedicated team of FOSS enthusiasts organized 2014, one of the largest International open-source conferences held in India during the weekend of 22nd to 24th February. The talk will take you through the journey of 2014 emphasizing the successes, moving over the obstacles and how it touched and transformed the life of many young students who now aspire to contribute to open-source community and KDE in whatever capacity they can.

This talk is about KDE's presence in Asia, illustrated by representatives of two communities: KDE Taiwan and KDE India.

Taiwan: This talk discusses the status of NTPC project and FOSS promotion in Taiwan's schools, and the problems we faced now.

India: 2014 was one of the largest open-source conference which was held at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) in Gandhinagar, India. served for a perfect environment for getting people to know about KDE and open-source software developement in general. The expert KDE Contributors flew from different parts of India, Europe and USA to talk about KDE Applications, introducing the audience to KDE and open-source tools and technologies and answer the queries. It was attended by a massive audience of over 300 people.

The conference not only enriched the audience with technical know-how, but the essence of FOSS and how it operates with the principles of KDE was also talked about by speakers such as Jos Poortvliet.

Our talk as the organisers of 2014 with the help of KDE India community will give the insights of the effect which the conference had over the minds of young audience who now more than ever want to experience the power of Free and Open Source technologies. By this talk, Akademy audience would definitely feel the power of KDE Community and the whole essence of it when such big scale conferences are organised. 2014 was no less than a journey for both of us. Organising an open-source international conference made us learn so many new things and left us with so many warm impressions of people. The talk will give details of our experience, of our learnings and ofcourse of our mistakes. It will also serve as a motivation to hold such kind of conferences at other places so that young students can benefit more than ever and culture of FOSS keeps thriving in this world.


Day: 2014-09-06
Start time: 17:00
Duration: 00:25
Track: Technical Talk (30 min)




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