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Technicaltalk: QtQuick and Input

Touch, Mouse and Keyboard handling


An in depth view on how touch and mouse input handling works in Qt Quick 2. In this talk you will get an overview of how the event-handling for input events works and how to avoid some pitfalls with MouseArea, Flickable, MultiPointTouchArea and PinchArea. As well as keyboard handling.

Usually handling input events in Qt Quick just works. But there are many tricky situations when combinging the different event handling items. Imagine a photo viewer, a Flickable to scroll the image, a PinchArea to zoom and a MouseArea to handle double-tapping to zoom back to the initial size. How does Qt Quick process events? When and how are they propagated? And when does the combination of these elements stop working together? What needs to be taken into account when writing a custom item handling input from mouse or touch devices?
Another big aspect is keyboard handling. I will explain what FocusScopes are, the focus and "active focus" and in general how to make sure that a keypress ends up where it should.


Day: 2014-09-06
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 00:55
Track: Technical Talk (60 min)




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