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Technicaltalk: Accessibility

What Qt 5 can do for KDE


In this talk I will give an overview over Qt 5 accessibility, how it effects KDE and as example how a blind user uses a computer.

Accessibility is important for an inclusive community such as KDE. Giving everyone the opportunity to use our technology matters.
Qt has seen major improvements when it comes to accessibility and finally caught up with other toolkits on all major platforms. There are also exciting developments going on when it comes to the mobile platforms. This talk will summarize the state and show what the accessibility framework can be used for. One example is using a computer blindly with the help of a screen reader.
There will be practical advice how developers can test their applications for accessibility using various tools.
Now that the basics are in place there is really no reason not to polish KDE into the most welcoming and accessible desktop there is. In addition making applications accessible often improves their usability for everyone.


Day: 2014-09-07
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 00:25
Track: Technical Talk (30 min)




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