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Technicaltalk: How to keep something like the Randa Meetings alive

Or why families and money matter


In 2009 I organized the first "Randa Meetings" which grow quite fast for the second edition and since then they are a great success and known to be very, very productive. What's the reason for this and why are there still there although it's a huge amount of work to organize them?

With the 5th edition of the Randa Meetings this year it's time to look back and see what we did well and what needs to change to keep them alive.
The Randa Meetings are quite special in different ways:
- All the people (30-60 people with several groups and subgroups) work, discuss and live together for a week under the same roof in a beautiful natural surround far away from any bigger cities.
- People don't need to care for opening times of the rooms or searching for a place to eat. Everything is prepared for them. And thus...
- These meetings are always very productive and sometimes quite exhaustive for my participants.

But what is all the organizational stuff we need to plan for, why do I want (and succeeded this year) to bring partners and families of free software hackers to the meetings and why did I start to look for expense allowance and a legal association for the meetings two years ago?

You'll find answers about these questions at the presentation ;-).


Day: 2014-09-06
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:25
Track: Technical Talk (30 min)




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