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Technicaltalk: Do you need to be brain damaged to care about desktop linux?

A personal talk about the ups and downs of having a head injury mixed with the ups and downs of developing a KDE distro


Two years ago I woke up in hospital from a coma. Shortly after my role making KDE distribution Kubuntu was made redundant. This talk covers the last two years of trying to keep both myself and Kubuntu healthy and thriving.

Despite his stunning good looks and high intellect Jonathan suffered from a mild brain injury while fighting pirates in the Caribbean. Along with a band of fellow freedom fighters he has been bravely struggling to keep KDE distro Kubuntu alive. In this talk he exclusively reveals the secrets to keeping community made desktop software thriving in a world of closed development.


Day: 2014-09-07
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 00:25
Track: Technical Talk (30 min)




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