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Technicaltalk: David Faure Breaks The Law‽

Do Classic Laws of Software Engineering Apply to KDE?


David Faure is a long-time contributor to KDE; very well-known and well-respected. He's a nice guy. Appreciates a fine wine and cheese. Loves the arts. Helps old ladies cross the street. But does he have a dark side? Does he break the law? He does have that look about him...

In the past, supporter of Free Software development have argued that some of the most established software engineering principles do not fully apply when considered in an open, distributed approach found in Free Software development. The objective of this talk is to empirically examine the role of Brooks’ and Conway's Laws in the context of KDE and other Free Software communities.

Community management has in Free Software has grown out of basic cat herding into a mature activity with its own needs for data and analysis. In this talk, Paul Adams will describe how/why he has gone about sing metrics to measure communities and their productivity in the past and how this data can be used as a crucial component in the management of openly governed projects.

Does David Faure break the law? No more than the rest of us. Knowing this, however, is not as important as knowing how and why.


Day: 2014-09-07
Start time: 17:30
Duration: 00:25
Track: Technical Talk (60 min)




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