Version 1

: War of Idioms

Useful, yet not commonly used C++ idioms


C++ started as "C with classes", but it advanced immensely since then, especially with C++11 and the upcoming C++17. Unfortunately, many C++ developers still look at it as an object-oriented version of C, and not as a truly multi-paradigm language it is today.

We will cover some of the useful concepts ranging from the simple ones like RAII (for warm-up), to static polymorphism, and some more advanced meta-programming techniques.

C++ can be one of the safest languages in the world, but only if the programmer limits himself to its "modern" subset, and forgets a few of the previously defined "best practices".

The idioms that will be presented can significantly speed up the development while making the resulting code safer and cleaner. As long as the programmer is not scared of STL, boost. and does not mind the occasional "You can do *what* in c++!?".

The talk will focus on the current C++11 standard, but will be applicable to the previous versions as well.


Day: 2014-09-06
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:55
Track: Technical Talk (60 min)




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