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Technicaltalk: Rebooting Zanshin

Lessons learnt by perfecting our craft


We all get distracted, and sometimes it comes with unexpected consequences.
The rise of KDE Frameworks put the development of Zanshin to a halt. But now
it is getting love again, it is almost a reboot... it is trendy at Hollywood,
so why not us? We decided to do things differently. This talk will present
our experience exploring new development techniques.

Because of all the work which got in KDE Frameworks, Zanshin ended up not
making progress anymore. After its latest release, it gained features but the
development effort dried out in the middle of an architectural change. It was
broken, stuck in between two very different worlds.

While KDE Frameworks was nearing completion, Zanshin got some love again. To
keep things fun and trick ourselves into craving to perfect it, we almost
rebooted the code base. Right now, not much is left of the original code base
apart from some scavenged logic.

We tried to apply techniques coming from other worlds while working on the new
code base. It gave us very interesting results that we're now willing to

In this talk, we'll give a quick introduction about what Zanshin is and its
history. Then, we'll dive deeply in the new code base and the techniques we
applied trying to reach toward very high quality.

If you are curious about emerging architecture, crazy acronyms, doubles and
onions, this talk might be just for you.


Day: 2014-09-07
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:55
Track: Technical Talk (60 min)




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