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Workshop: From QtWidgets Legacy to QtQuick and beyond


QtQuick is presented as a nice way to make applications and GUIs providing
a proper separation of logic. But is it really that simple when you don't
start from scratch? How can we bring our QWidget legacy code to that new

It is easier and easier to create a proper QtQuick application from
scratch. But is it really that simple to bring existing code in the QtQuick
structure? It can get especially challenging for a community like KDE facing
millions of lines of C++ collected over more than 15 years. What can we do of
all that code? Temptation is high for new developers to start from scratch,
but what about the lost wisdom?

In this live coding session, we'll see how we can start from an untested
QtWidgets legacy code base, add new features to it, and move it over QtQuick
in less than an hour.

It will be a good way to discover refactoring techniques, test driven
development and continuous checking. All of that in a suboptimal codebase and
while doing the simplest things that will work.


Day: 2014-09-08
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 01:55
Track: Workshop (2 hr)




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