Akademy is the annual KDE Community conference. If you are working on topics relevant to KDE or Qt, this is your chance to present your work and ideas to the KDE community at large. It will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 11th to 17th of August, 2018. The talks will be held on Saturday, the 11th and Sunday, the 12th. The rest of the week will be Birds-of-a-Feather meetings (BoFs), unconference sessions and workshops.

If you think you have something interesting to present, please tell us about it. If you know of someone else who should present, please encourage them.

What we are looking for

We are asking for talk proposals on topics relevant to KDE community and technology, including:

  • Topics related to KDE's current community goals:

    • Usability and Productivity for Basic Software

    • Privacy Software

    • Streamlined Onboarding of New Contributors

  • Design and Usability in KDE;

  • Advanced Qt and C++ topics;

  • QML and declarative programming;

  • Overview of what is going on in the various areas of the KDE community;

  • KDE in action: use cases of KDE technology in real life; be it mobile, desktop deployments and so on;

  • Mobile/embedded applications, use cases and frameworks;

  • Presentation of new applications; new features and functions in existing applications;

  • Testing KDE software;

  • Release processes;

  • Collaboration between KDE and other Free Software projects;

  • Improving our governance and processes, community building;

  • Increasing our reach through efforts such as accessibility, promotion, translation and localization;

  • 3rd Party libraries / frameworks relevant to KDE;

  • KDE and the wider world.

Submit your proposal by March 12th, 23:59 CET.

Full details are in the CfP. If you have any questions you can email the Program Committee

You can't submit a talk, because this conference is in the past.