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Presentation: Running without installing.

How to work on KDE code and test it without installing it.

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Being able to run applications and unittests without installing them makes it easier for developers to contribute to one piece of the puzzle (e.g. to test changes on top of a stable system without the risk of messing it up).

It also shortens the change/compile/test development cycle by removing the install step from it.

This work was triggered by the presentation and discussion at last year's Akademy, "Looking at the Application Developer Story / Making it easy for contributors to get started". In this year's presentation, we'll present the results of that work. First, the current state of this feature for the KF5 frameworks themselves, and then teaching application and library developers what they need to do to make it possible to run applications and unittests without installing them first.

Come to learn or discuss about this challenge :-)


Day: 2018-08-11
Start time: 14:00
Duration: 00:25
Room: EI8
Track: Development



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