Version 1.2

: Continuous Package Delivery


We'll be talking about how we've built tooling and QA measures to provide KDE packages from git using Jenkins.

In order to have tighter feedback loops amongst Kubuntu & Debian users and packagers and KDE developers , Harald and I started working on writing tools and setting up infrastructure so that we could continuously provide Plasma 5 and Frameworks 5 packages from git along with a few QA measures that were to be implemented on the distribution side of things.

Our work over the past 6 months has culminated into Debian KDE CI and Kubuntu CI that provide QA'd packages across multiple architechtures.

We'll be talking about how both of these work and go into details about some of the tooling we've written that enables us to match the pace of KDE developers, commit for commit ;)


Day: 2015-07-26
Start time: 12:40
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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