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: UNESCO PERSIST: preserving digital heritage


UNESCO has a project to preserve our digital heritage [1]. This project includes many archivists and some industry partners e.g. Microsoft. It also includes a few people that promote
and know about FOSS. UNESCO really wants to promote sustainable software and
file formats going forward. At the last meeting yesterday, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris it was decided to start a pilot. I proposed to involve FOSS communities to bootstrap the effort. I want to people from get FOSS communities like KDE, GNOME, Firefox, Debian and many, many more involved.
These are the goals for the near future:

* Build a global community to raise awareness around sustainable computing.
We all know that that means FOSS and Open Standards. UNESCO knows this in
theory but does not feel it in their bones yet, like we do.
* provide technology to run stream VMs to your desktop so you can have a VM
with e.g. KDE 1 running in 10 seconds. This works today on Linux [2], but it's
not available on distros yet.
* provide tools to render old file formats on modern computers. The Document
Liberation Project can help here, but also Calligra can.

Presenting this project to the KDE Community, is a
great start. The technology in the project is intrinsically useful to KDE (real easy debugging and sharing of dev setups, KDE wayback machines, any software running in Olive also runs as remote software on tablets).
KDE has an awesome community and great facilities for supporting this community. I would love input from KDE on how to bootstrap a community for digital sustainability under the UNESCO flag and Akademy would be a great platform to get cross-pollination between KDE and UNESCO going.


Day: 2015-07-26
Start time: 16:10
Duration: 00:30
Track: Main Talk (30min)




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