We are asking for talk proposals on topics relevant to KDE and Qt including:

  • Design and Usability in KDE;
  • Advanced C++ topics;
  • QML and declarative programming;
  • OpenGL, Vulkan and Qt 3D;
  • Overview of what is going on in the various areas of the KDE community;
  • KDE in action: use cases of KDE technology in real life; be it mobile, desktop deployments and so on;
  • Mobile/embedded applications, use cases and frameworks;
  • Presentation of new applications; new features and functions in existing applications;
  • Collaboration between KDE and other Free Software projects;
  • Improving our governance and processes, community building;
  • Increasing our reach through efforts such as accessibility, promotion, translation and localization;
  • 3rd Party libraries / frameworks relevant to KDE.
Don't let this list restrict your ideas though. You can submit a proposal even if it doesn't fit the list of topics as long as it is relevant to KDE. To get an idea of talks that were accepted previously, check out the program from previous years. For more info see the full Call for Papers

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