Version 0.2

: UserFeedback

A framework for application telemetry and targeted surveys


The UserFeedback framework enables you to engage your users directly in the application and encourage them to contribute by providing statistical data or participate in surveys, without compromising their privacy and while keeping full control over their data.

Knowing who our users are, and what they are using our applications for is essential in order to tailor our software to what people actually need. In the KDE community, our access to this information is very limited though, as on the one hand we take the user's privacy very seriously, and on the other hand we so far lack the tools to easily obtain this data. Applications collecting statistical data are the exception (e.g. Kexi), and our channels to invite users for surveys are limited to blogs and social media.

This talk will present the UserFeedback framework (, which provides generic infrastructure for engaging users directly inside the application. This involves the collection of system or usage statistics, as well as asking an interested set of users that match a specific set of criteria to participate in an online survey. Ensuring the user's privacy has been a primary design goal, given the user full transparency of the collected and transmitted data, as well as full opt-in control over their participation. Furthermore, the entire system works without the need for unique identifiers in any form.


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 11:50
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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