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: Wikidata: Exploring more visibility and coverage of KDE Applications


KDE has a number of great applications. Yet their coverage on Wikipedia is very low and sometimes even outdated. A careful look at current versions of English Wikipedia articles on KDE applications proves this point. For other languages, the situation is even worse. However, this is not just a problem with KDE community, but can be found in many other open source software projects and it remains an open challenge. Enter Wikidata, the new open, free, collaborative, linked, multilingual and structured data store and it seems that the future of open knowledge graph is very bright. In this talk (or tutorial), I would like to present how Wikidata can play an important role for the visibility of KDE applications and how developers can build tools to integrate their applications with Wikidata to present an up to date view of their applications and the cool features. Integration with Wikidata also ensures that KDE applications can be easily discovered, compared with other similar solutions and easily analysed.

The talk (or tutorial) will have four parts:
1. Identifying the key information related to KDE applications and other open source softwares
2. Explanation of Wikidata, its goals and its potential as a open knowledge graph
3. Hands-on experience (demonstration with existing KDE applications)
4. Introduction to various Python libraries (for accessing and editing Wikidata)


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 17:55
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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