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: Folding Your Applications

Convergent User Experiences with Kirigami


Have you got an application, or an idea for one, which you want to work well on more than one kind of device? In more than one form factor? Come and see how to use Kirigami and the guidelines it implements to create comfortable and effective user experiences, with tips and tricks from applications already using it.

Over the course of the last few years, and especially with the advent of powerful mobile devices of many sizes, convergence has become an much discussed topic. They employ various input methods, with the traditional mouse and keyboard, or with pure touch, or a combination of the options. They have a wide range of screen sizes, and distances of operation, from small and in your hand, to far away and on the wall.

Applications need to work across as many of these as possible, and so KDE has been working on a variety of frameworks to support the creation of applications with convergent user experiences. Most recently, this effort has brought about the creation of the Kirigami framework, which includes both a software stack, and a set of guidelines which shows you how to use the components.

We will show you techniques for implementing these experiences, and present some of the thoughts behind the designs. Examples will be presented, from applications both made by ourselves, and by others out in the wild, which show how the tools Kirigami gives you can be used most effectively. We hope to show you not only how to create convergent applications and why we think it is a good idea, but why we think you will want to start doing this with your own applications.


Day: 2017-07-23
Start time: 12:05
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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