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: Developing for our users

Nobody cares more about KDE software users than KDE


In this presentation I'll offer a new point of view for development of regular KDE software based on bundling systems. We'll see what advantages we are going to get if we embrace these technologies from the developer perspective and what impact it's going to have beyond development, by shortening the path between the development, the QA we make and the actual users. It will offer new ways to cater to our users.

We will see how adopting bundling technologies (i.e. Snappy, Flatpak, AppImage) can open many doors on how our users not only use our software but also can be more efficient when contributing back upstream, either by testing new versions, submitting feedback or even modifying the software and getting the contribution into our repositories.

To that end, I'll propose some small changes we can do on our own software development and distribution process in order to enable these benefits to our users, or at least to some of them.


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 12:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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