Version 0.2

: Introducing Babe and a contextual approach to multimedia desktop apps.


Babe is a new music collection manager for KDE with focus on design and user experience. Babe aims to introduce a contextual way to experience music by making use of online resources and A.I to find relationships between the music metadata and its context in order to generate personalized queries and suggestions.

Recently Babe has joined the KDE Incubator project, with the prospect of becoming a well integrated KDE/Plasma desktop application by making use of the framework’s available technologies in order to give a tight and integrated experience to the final user.

Babe aims to incorporate a contextual way of managing the user’s music collection, and also let the user to easily collect music information and their favorite music from online free streaming services.

Those two points: contextual managing and online collecting are the body that composes the main idea of bringing into the multimedia desktop apps (MDA) an approach towards an A.I contextual managing; with the use of information retrieval strategies, based on processes of information detection, like data mining, in order to discover patterns in sets of MDA ‘s data, this so to carry tasks of extraction, compilation and characterization.

These systems can be used on the development of decentralised MDA, to access and also generate contextual information from different sources to establish relationships between the data, with the purpose of giving to the end user dynamic and contextual information about their multimedia content (music, videos, books, images, games.. etc).

Such system would run only locally without collecting, in any way, sensitive information about the user, in that way protecting their rights to privacy.

In this case Babe wants to propose a local system of music characterization.

The points to talk about in the presentation are the following ones:

-Introduce Babe and the features implemented so far

-Talk about the progress of the KDE Incubator project and some related community subjects around Babe, such as possible areas for collaboration with other projects and the benefits it would bring to the end user

-Introduce the idea of contextual multimedia managing apps

-Describe the benefits of using a contextual system for managing multimedia collections

-Display progress made so far and talk about possible implementations

-Overview about the road ahead and current problems on the area of semantic annotation of multimedia files and music information retrieval mechanisms


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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