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: Why we fight

The emergence of governance norms in FLOSS communities


A review of the governance norms applied in FSFE, KDE and Wikimedia, how they developed over time and how current debates reflect their evolution.

FLOSS communities create free software products in a social
process. Communities with a small number of participants typically organise informally. As the community grows, the need for coordination grows as well and at some point formal organisation is required. Where structure and processes emerge, the principles and norms applied typically reflect voluntary participation and meritocratic peer status. The main interest of the community is to attract and retain contributors and to collect contributions. Based in a qualitative study performed at TU Berlin, the presentation will review the governance norms applied by the FSFE, the KDE Community and Wikimedia as the organisations developed, how the constitutions of the communities reflect the convictions and expectations of their contributors, and how the need to evolve governance norms is at the heart of recent conflicts in all three communities.


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 11:50
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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