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: Plasma: State of the Union

Highlights from the last year, upcoming features and challenges


This presentation provides an overview of the most important things that happened over the last year in the development of Plasma. We will talk about current features, future plans and goals, what to expect on your desktop over the next year, and how to help and get involved.

The talk will be a high level view of what happened in the development of the Plasma over the last year, it will touch the most important developments and the features landed recently as well many interesting small improvements, that may get easily overlooked but are the little small details that can provide a real productivity boost.

In 2016, we saw the first long-term support version of Plasma with the 5.8 release, which will have a total of more of a year worth of bug fixes and releases with a particular focus on improving the user experience of multiple monitor users.
The Slimbook, a new laptop that ships Plasma as its primary user interface by default, provides a nice hardware showcase for Plasma.
On the Plasma mobile front, we have worked hard on stabilizing the core operating system after migrating away from Ubuntu touch and added the official support for the Nexus 5x alongide the Nexus 5

The talk will then talk about plans for the future: what lies ahead in terms of features and challenges as well as what to expect from the upcoming Plasma 5.11 release in September, and the current state of the Wayland support, showing off some features that have been designed with Wayland in mind thanks to the technical superiority over X11.


Day: 2017-07-22
Start time: 11:05
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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