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: Adopting ODF -- What We Need in Calligra

Missing features in Calligra


In Taiwan the National Development Council (NDC) launched a three-year project to adopt ODF as national standard file format. Recently we mainly use and promote LibreOffice but it's always better to have more choices. Can Calligra meet our requirement?

Open Document Format (ODF) has been the national standard in Taiwan since 2009, but nobody cared until 2014. The National Development Council (NDC) in Taiwan launched a three-year project to moving from Microsoft Office format (including old doc/ppt/xls to OOXML) to ODF.

For the software we have LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Abiword, Calligra, Google Docs, ... etc to choose. However besides LibreOffice and OpenOffice, Calligra couldn't meet the requirement for now. In this short talk I'll show what's missing in Calligra Words/Sheets/Stage and hope that they can be improved for users in Taiwan.


Day: 2017-07-23
Start time: 15:50
Duration: 00:10
Track: Fast Track (10m)




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