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: Looking at the Application Developer Story

More Elitism Anyone?


We love to get new contributors and for that we need top notch technology and
a very welcoming community. In this talk we propose to look at our Application
Developer Story and see what it says on how our technology and community

After years organizing student projects it is time to admit it gets harder to
attract them to KDE contribution. Our technology is nice but our applications
are developed mostly like our frameworks which makes for a very steep learning
curve for wannabe contributors.

Also, the expectations of the hobbyist developer or the student have changed
radically in the past years. They are less keen to fiddle with build
systems... which doesn't mean they wouldn't have anything interesting to
contribute to our applications.

The aim of this talk is to kickstart the discussion in the community on how we
could walk toward a unified application developer story. For that we will take
a look at the different developer stories we present to potential application
contributors and how they fare. We will look at other ecosystems solutions
used to address similar issues. Armed with this knowledge, we will present the
ideal application developer story we should strive for.

Finally, we will give a few ideas to improve the situation and will push the
audience to share more experience and ideas to get closer to the ideal
application developer story.


Day: 2017-07-23
Start time: 17:10
Duration: 00:10
Track: Technical Talk




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