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: Mentoring in Student Programs


I recently mentored in Google Code-In would like to share my experience with everyone. During that time i felt that is room for improvement on our side with some small changes. I would also like to discuss some challenges faced by children while participating in the program.

Talking points :

1) About some student programs with stress on Google Code-In
2) Sharing my experiences and talking about how time intensive it was, challenges faced, response from students etc
3) Challenges :
a) Encouraging students to try harder tasks ( more code
intensive )
b) Using some methodologies to help them setup the
project more easily [ Automation ,Videos ]
c) Task Qualities
d) Sharing/Discussing ideas and make them more
interested in contributing to community
4) Getting more mentors into the program : Explaining how
the amount of time mentoring consumes.
5) Showing some Student testimonials explaining their experiences along with some interesting statistics.


Day: 2017-07-23
Start time: 17:10
Duration: 00:30
Track: Technical Talk




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