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Presentation: QML Rapid Prototyping

Developing tools to improve QML prototypes and development

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QML prototyping is something that all developers do, this talk will demonstrate how can this be achieved more efficiently and friendly. Will be presented two projects, QHot (a hot reload for nested QML files) and QML Online (an online QML editor created with webassembly), both projects tries to bring down the development time and the learning curve for QML, helping the visualization and the experimental of QML snippets as fast as possible.

It's a common practice to do QML prototyping, snippets to brainstorm ideas or to help newcomers that are still learning. The talk will highlight how important is for developers to create tools to help with the development time besides the development itself, besides that, will also be explain how important is the creation of such tools to be accessible, easy to use and friendly!


Day: 2020-09-05
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 1
Track: Technical



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