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Presentation: Linux in Cars - So What?

How can we address automotive use-cases with open source software.

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In this talk, Johan will talk about why cars - albeit with Linux - still are using so much custom software, and what use-cases need to be addressed to improve the situation.

Johan has pushed for the adoption of open source in automotive for more than a decade. With a background from GENIVI and AGL, having been a part of the team behind the Qt Automotive Suite, and having worked as a supplier for numerous OEMs and hardware provides across Japan, USA, and Europe. He now continues this mission an architect at Mbition.

Being a passionate user of KDE, and a believer in open source and open projects, Johan will talk about why he believes we got stuck after having put the Linux kernel into the car. How can we make progress, and what use-cases do we need to solve.


Day: 2020-09-05
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 2
Track: 3rd Parties Using KDE



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