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Presentation: Showcasing Plasma Bigscreen


Television sets have evolved from dumb boxes to interactive interfaces and intelligent screens driven by content from the cloud with support for voice assistance but all behind closed platforms, Plasma Bigscreen project is the open platform alternative providing interfaces and features similar to today's closed Smart TV Boxes, This talk will take you through the various features of Plasma Bigscreen and the technology that powers this open experience.

Television sets have been around for decades, from being small TV sets receiving grainy content in its early years to ultra-high-definition large screen displays beaming content from all over the world, TVs have changed a lot in the past hundred years. With the evolution of TVs through the past decade, the experience of static viewing of cable-driven content has evolved into an interactive content-driven experience powered by the world wide web, powerful embedded SOCs and the growing need of wanting to use that large screen for simply more activities has laid the platform for what we call today as "Intelligent TVs".

While the world is adapting to these "Intelligent TVs", The platforms that power the experience are still produced within walled proprietary gardens with a constant threat to User Privacy and User personal data embezzlement that creates the need for having more open platforms. The Plasma Bigscreen project is aimed towards supporting this open platform vision providing interfaces and features similar to today's closed Smart TV Boxes all powered by Plasma, Kirigami, and KDE Frameworks with a touch of Mycroft's open-source voice assistance platform bundled together to provide an experience beyond basic content consumption.

In this talk, we will take you through the various features of the current Plasma Bigscreen raspberry pi 4 image release, the technology that powers this experience and how as an application developer you can expand your applications to the Bigscreen with a look into key navigation that supports application navigation using a reduced number of input keys. This talk will also showcase voice applications and how Mycroft Interacts with the bigscreen environment and what's next on the line for this project.


Day: 2020-09-06
Start time: 09:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 2
Track: KDE Products



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