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Presentation: Adventures in Open Source Development

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What does the everyday life of an independent Open Source Maintainer look like? What is the process like to take an idea from nothing and build, develop, and maintain it over years of time? What are the bright sides and the dark sides of working on an Open Source Project primarily on your own for such a significant amount of time? Are there maybe even dangers? This talk tries to shed some light on this.

Oftentimes when imagining how Open Source Software is developed, the following sort of picture is painted: teams of dozens of developers coordinating happily, handling constant software maintenance with a smile on their faces and often provided with company funding. This is an ideal picture that sadly and all too often doesn't reflect reality, especially for small to medium sized or highly specialized projects. The question remains: what is it like to create, develop, and maintain an Open Source project independently or with a small-sized team and an unsure funding situation?

Over seven years ago Gina Häußge created her own Open Source Project "OctoPrint" and has been running and maintaining it ever since; full time since 2014 and funded entirely by donations and sponsors since 2016. In this talk Gina will give some insights into her every day job as a full time independent OSS developer. She will be speaking about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of her daily work while providing hints to other OSS developers on developing and maintaining a long term project and how to handle challenges that may be commonly encountered.


Day: 2020-09-05
Start time: 09:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 1
Track: Keynotes



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