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Presentation: Input Handling Update

What's Coming Up in Qt 6

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We have several goals for input events in Qt 6; the main one of course is to fix a lot of open Qt Quick bugs that have been intractable because of bad architecture in Qt 5.

I will talk about the API changes in QInputEvent and its subclasses, what it means for Qt Quick, and do a demo of some new features that the new event delivery architecture enables.

More details about the goals in Qt 6:

- every QInputEvent should carry a pointer to an object representing the device it came from, with more details than we had before, to enable the recipients to handle it intelligently
- Qt Quick items (and especially Input Handlers) should mostly keep working as they already do
- Widgets will keep working as they already do
- QPointerEvent will be introduced, with common API for mouse, touch and tablet events; that will hopefully enable more unified delivery code rather than duplicated code for different event types, and also less reliance on mouse emulation
- Qt Quick can go back to delivering the original QPointerEvents rather than wrapping them
- we can perhaps finally make Flickable touch-aware: because the event doesn't look that different from a mouse event anymore, we shouldn't have to duplicate much code to get Flickable to do all its filtering, delaying and replaying with touch events just as with mouse events
- Wacom tablets and other pressure-sensitive stylus devices will be much better supported in Qt Quick
- we hope to be in a position that we can begin to support multi-seat (multi-user) UIs


Day: 2020-09-05
Start time: 17:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 1
Track: Technical



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