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Fast Track: Editing Markdown with QTextDocument

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I added markdown support in Qt 5.14 as a first-class format as an alternative to the limited subset of HTML that QTextDocument has traditionally used. In this session I will demo WYSIWYG editors written with widgets and with Qt Quick.

Since I started using computers in the 1980's, there's always been a frustrating gap between wysiwyg word processors and text editors: you could have some sort of formatting, or you could save a plain text file that's easy to read in myriad other ways; but usually not both. I added markdown support to Qt to bridge that gap (without using HTML conversion at any stage). Now I can use a wysiwyg editor and save markdown-formatted text that looks as good or better than what I could write by hand. It's the universal format for note-taking, journaling, todo lists, writing emails, blogging and other types of simple publishing. Qt supports most of the advanced markdown features too: notably tables and checklists. I even have an editor that uses a KIO slave to directly publish markdown on IPFS for easy sharing.


Day: 2020-09-05
Start time: 11:40
Duration: 00:10
Room: Room 1
Track: Main Track



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