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Presentation: MyGNUHealth: GNU Health Goes Mobile with KDE & Kirigami

GNU Health Personal Health Record built using the Kirigami framework

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GNU Health (GH) the Libre Health and Hospital Information System. GH is a social project that combines the socioeconomic determinants of health with state-of-the-art technology in bioinformatics, LIMS and clinical genetics.
The GNU Health ecosystem works in the areas of demographics, socioeconomics, patient and institution management. It's been deployed in many countries around the globe, from small clinics to very large, national public health implementations.
MyGNUHealth is the GH's Personal Health Record application that integrates to the GNU Health Federation, focused in mobile devices. We'll talk about what lead us to choose the KDE Kirigami framework to develop myGNUHealth, some technical insights and the community behind the project.

In this talk we will talk about the benefits of Plasma mobile and the Kirigami framework provides to myGNUHealth. After a short introduction of the GNU Health philosophy and ecosystem, we will focus on the need of the Personal Health Record (myGNUHealth) that can be used both in mobile devices and desktop, placing the person / patient in the driver's seat, actively involved in the system of health.
We introduce the technology used, the QT and Kirigami framework, and the interaction with the GNU Health Federation.
From the community point of view, we'll talk about how the KDE friends are helping us in the development process.


Day: 2020-09-06
Start time: 17:10
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 2
Track: Health



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