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other: UI/UX Design in QML for Desktop

Training by Nuno Pinheiro


This training is kindly provided by KDAB. It contains high-quality content that we can unfortunately only make available to our existing contributors. If you have a KDE developer account you can find details for how to join the trainings at If you don't, we recommend checking out one of the other trainings we offer.

An online workshop with practical exercises:
1. Do's, Don'ts, & Integration
2. Outside of the Box UI

About the Trainer, Nuno Pinheiro:
Senior UX/UI designer at KDAB, Nuno gave the first QML training for designers and actively uses the QML language for fast UX/UI prototyping and UI solutions deployment. His works include general illustrations, UI design, corporate design, interactive mock-ups, animation examples and much more. Known for his contribution to the award winning Oxygen Project where he is the current coordinator, his computer art is used on KDE computer platforms worldwide. Nuno has an MSc in Civil Engineering.

Please note, this training session will not be recorded.


Day: 2020-09-04
Start time: 09:00
Duration: 03:00
Room: Training Room 1
Track: Training



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