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other: Debugging & Profiling on Linux

Training by Milian Wolff


This training is kindly provided by KDAB and Mbition. It contains high-quality content that we can unfortunately only make available to our existing contributors. If you have a KDE developer account you can find details for how to join the trainings at
If you don't, we recommend checking out one of the other trainings we offer.

Knowledge and experience programming with Qt and C++. Basic understanding of multithreaded programming.

We will cover what I consider the most essential debugging and profiling tools on Linux. I'll show you how to use the tools, how to interpret the results. We will talk about problems you may run into during setup. And we will discuss optimizations for certain types of code patterns.

Topics include:
• sanitizers ASAN/UBSAN/TSAN
• linux perf, hotspot
• heaptrack

About the Trainer, Milian Wolff:
Senior Software Engineer at KDAB, Milian enjoys solving hard performance problems and teaching developers about debugging and profiling tools. He has a long history of creating tools for C++ developers and is the main author of Massif-Visualizer, heaptrack, hotspot and ctf2ctf tools now used widely to improve C++ applications performance. Milian is the co-maintainer of the KDevelop IDE and in 2015 won their Akademy Award for his ongoing work there. He has a Masters Degree in Physics which explains his scientific approach to performance measurement.

Please note, this training will not be recorded.


Day: 2020-09-04
Start time: 09:00
Duration: 03:00
Room: Training Room 2
Track: Training



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