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Friday 10:30


Introduction to KDE India - Room 842-843

Friday 11:00

Media Self-reliance and FOSS

Story of Migration of Janayugom Newspaper to FOSS. - Room 842-843

In Kerala We migrated Janayugom, a daily news paper in Kerala, to Kubuntu based pre-press workflow. We used KDE Plasma 5.16 as their base Desktop Environment for the production. Nearly 100 employees in Janayugom is using Kubuntu for their daily wo...

Janayugom is a Malayalam (a South-Indian language spoken in Kerala) daily newspaper with nearly 100,000 subscribers and 14 bureaus in Kerala. Previously Janayugom used outdated software stack for their pre-press production in ASCII format. When Janayugom decided to move to better software with much more essential features including Unicode support, the most recommended suggestion from the software industry was to use Adobe InDesign. But they thought about an economically viable solution. This marked the beginning of a historical footstep both in the field of Newspaper Publishing as well as the Free Software world. We a team of 6 people from Alpha Fork technologies undertook the migration of the pre-press work of Janayugom Daily from a complete Microsoft Windows environment to GNU/Linux based system. For a smooth migration, we created a customized GNU/Linux distro called Janayugom GNU/Linux based upon Kubuntu. KDE Plasma 5.16 is used as the base Desktop Environment for the workflow. GIMP, Inkscape, ImageMagick are used for processing of Images and Text. Scribus is the text layout software for making pages of the Newspaper. We created a Qt-based Text editor called Jan...

Friday 11:30

OSS in Indian context

Room 842-843

Indian market is very diverse, while open source communities have seen some success, we are still very far from becoming the mainstream solution for various Indian needs. This presentation tries to make the audience understand the gap areas so tha...

Free and open-source software are hot cakes in India, with Governments across India pushing it, while this is true, nothing much is yet achieved in terms of raw numbers. My presentation tries to decipher what's needed to accelerate open source adoption in India, and where are the opportunities with special focus on KDE software.

Friday 12:00

Open Source 101

Insights of open source and programs supporting it - Room 842-843

Agenda: - What is open source? - Why open source? - How to get involved? - Intro to Version Control Systems - Open source programs - Questions!

As the majority of the audience is going to consist of students, this talk will be an introduction to open source. We would be discussing about what open source is and why one should contribute. The talk will also focus on various programs such as Google Summer of Code, GCI, RGSoC, Outreachy, Code Heat, etc.In addition to this, the talk will also consist of an intro to version control systems. It will be an interactive session where students can clear their doubts regarding open source and the community.

Friday 12:30

Introduction to CMake

Room 842-843

A quick dive into how modern day KDE applications are built and how tools such as CMake bring about easier dependency management. We also look through some cool use cases and features of CMake that might often slip under the radar.

CMake is the largest and most popular tool for generating cross platform Makefiles. It is employed to build a host of applications in a wide variety of domains - ranging from simple desktop applications to complex web crawlers and scripts. It also happens to be the primary tool for building all KDE applications and we take a look at some features and examples of the same.

Friday 13:00


Room 842-843

Friday 14:05

Unify your devices!

KDE Connect Showcase - Room 842-843

An overview of what KDE Connect is and how to contribute to KDE Connect

Friday 14:45

Saturday 10:30

The Kdenlive Community

Kdenlive, KDE's Video Editor - a peek into the community. - Room 842-843

Kdenlive is KDE's video editor and the Kdenlive community is a vast group consisting of video editing enthusiasts, professionals and students curious enough to know how Kdenlive works. Discover how anyone can start contributing to Kdenlive and be ...

A kickstarter for anyone who is interested to be a part of the Kdenlive community, discover how Kdenlive functions both - as a community and as a fairly complex software along with a look into the Kdenlive codebase. As a contributor who started his open source journey with Kdenlive a year ago, I will also be sharing my experience with Kdenlive as a student with them and how any student can start contributing code to Kdenlive.

Saturday 11:15

Your QML App - Reloaded

Live reloading QML applications - Room 842-843

QML was designed to help developers and designers work together - from prototyping, all the way up to real applications. While prototyping is a breeze with QML, the developer<->designer collaboration on real applications is more demanding. This is...

Saturday 12:00

A Journey Down the QtQuick Scene Graph

Room 842-843

With Qt 5 came the introduction of the QtQuick scene graph, which provided a completely new way of drawing interfaces. For those not as familiar with how rendering on a GPU is done however, this new world can be rather daunting. Follow me down the...

In this talk, I intend to try and explain some of the inner working of GPU rendering and the QtQuick scene graph, based on my work on the KQuickCharts framework. I will discuss the general workings of the GPU, how to use the QtQuick scene graph and some advanced techniques that can be achieved with it. This talk is intended for those with an interest in the inner workings of QtQuick. It is intended as an in-depth look and therefore recommended to have some understanding of how QtQuick works.

Saturday 12:45


Room 842-843

Saturday 13:50


the Universal Linux Installer - Room 842-843

Calamares is a distro- and desktop-independent Linux installer. It can be the installer for your own Linux distribution, whatever it is, and this talk will show what it can do.

Calamares is a modular application. There are about 50 modules that do things during the installation process, so getting Calamares just right for your distro's needs can be a little tricky. But that also means that it can be adapted and massaged to do just what you need. In this talk we'll: - show off a couple of existing distro's which use Calamares - talk about the way Calamares is configured - talk about branding and theming Calamares By the end you'll know enough to know if Calamares could be right for you, and how to contact the Calamares team on IRC for further help.

Saturday 14:20

Translating with Transifex

Supporting multi-lingual Open Source - Room 842-843

This talk explains how to use Transifex, a web-based translation portal that is widely used in the Open Source world (but not by KDE).

In this talk we will use an existing Open Source project (Calamares) as an example, showing how to apply as a translator, start a new language, and work on translations. We will also show the other side of the translation workflow, from a developer's perspective, with string definitions and submission to the translation site. If there's time, we can crowdsource some translation updates to Calamares, live.

Saturday 14:35

KDE Kerala !

How we revamped KDE Malayalam Localization & KDE promotion in Kerala - Room 842-843

KDE Malayalam localization has been dormant for more than 8 years. I switched to KDE after Plasma 5 release and I fell in love with it, especially with apps like KDE Connect and how lightweight and awesome everything was. I wanted to contribute...

* Localization web interfaces : A web interface for KDE was a potential KDE goal. In my talk, I'll explain my experience with testing a few of those web localization software with KDE * Community : how we organized and brought in people * KDE's increasing usage in Kerala : schools, offices Recently, Janayugam became the first newspaper in the world to entirely shift to Free Software and they're using KDE entirely in their offices : Will be also talking about Janayugam's transition and how it came

Saturday 15:30

Sunday 10:30

Are our smartphones outsmarting us ?

Room 842-843

The presentation includes > how the most common mobile OS, Android, breach privacy of the users > why even the privacy-aware users can't get back the full-control over their information and communication > how Plasma Mobile promises to make a ...

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce Plasma Mobile to the people and tell them about it's mission of providing free, user-friendly, privacy-enabling and customizable platform for mobile devices to give users the option of retaining full control over their data and information

Sunday 11:15

MAUI Project - MauiKit and Maui Apps

Room 842-843

Get to know about the MAUI Project, MauiKit, Maui Apps

The presentation will allow users to get to know about the MAUI Project, encourages new users to use the Maui Apps, get to know more about the inclusive KDE community which incubated the maui project and eventually encouraging them to contribute to open source.

Sunday 12:00

My journey with Gcompris

Room 842-843

A description of how my journey with open source started, in a project where I had no experience with its technology stack.

The talk will be about what are the mistakes that I made initially, when I got started with open source. Later on how I realised them and started contributing to a new project from scratch. How I made my way from the petty initial commits to some good ones. I will also talk about my GSoC project and how to pick up the right idea for GSoC. And lastly some common steps one should follow, while getting started with an open source project.

Sunday 12:45

There's a Framework for that!

Room 842-843

The KDE Frameworks are 80 lightweight ad largely independent libraries that build on top of Qt to provide functionality that is interesting for the desktop. But 80 libraries is a lot! There's a ton of things in there. This talk will provide an ove...

Sunday 13:00


Room 842-843

Sunday 14:05

Replace Replace

KDE Frameworks Classes: KMacroExpander - Room 842-843

String formatting is everyone's favorite activity, right? In Python, it is so popular there are at least four ways to do it. In C++ with Qt, the options are a little more limited, QString::arg() is most common, but the KDE Framework CoreAddons off...

This talk will look into the use of KMacroExpander, for simple and somewhat more advanced uses. We'll look at both static and dynamic replacement for use in a string. By the end of the talk you will be able to replace convoluted string replacements with KMacroExpander.

Sunday 14:35

Sunday 16:45


Room 842-843