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Presentation: Open Source 101

Insights of open source and programs supporting it

May the source be with you

- What is open source?
- Why open source?
- How to get involved?
- Intro to Version Control Systems
- Open source programs
- Questions!

As the majority of the audience is going to consist of students, this talk will be an introduction to open source. We would be discussing about what open source is and why one should contribute. The talk will also focus on various programs such as Google Summer of Code, GCI, RGSoC, Outreachy, Code Heat, etc.In addition to this, the talk will also consist of an intro to version control systems. It will be an interactive session where students can clear their doubts regarding open source and the community.


Day: 2020-01-17
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 842-843
Track: Opensource



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