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Presentation: KDE Kerala !

How we revamped KDE Malayalam Localization & KDE promotion in Kerala

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KDE Malayalam localization has been dormant for more than 8 years.

I switched to KDE after Plasma 5 release and I fell in love with it, especially with apps like KDE Connect and how lightweight and awesome everything was. I wanted to contribute something back to KDE and I came to know of the dormant localization. Unlike GNOME, KDE didn't have a web interface for easy localization. So I had to setup our own. I contacted SMC Project : and successfully brought in many new contributors to KDE Malayalam localization and lot of users.

We also released our own distro specially for Malayalam :

This is the story of how I got into KDE, revamped Malayalam localization and made the KDE Kerala community active. I'll be also presenting how KDE is used in Kerala.

* Localization web interfaces : A web interface for KDE was a potential KDE goal. In my talk, I'll explain my experience with testing a few of those web localization software with KDE
* Community : how we organized and brought in people
* KDE's increasing usage in Kerala : schools, offices

Recently, Janayugam became the first newspaper in the world to entirely shift to Free Software and they're using KDE entirely in their offices :

Will be also talking about Janayugam's transition and how it came


Day: 2020-01-18
Start time: 14:35
Duration: 00:45
Room: Room 842-843
Track: Opensource



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