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Presentation: Calamares

the Universal Linux Installer


Calamares is a distro- and desktop-independent Linux installer. It can be the installer for your own Linux distribution, whatever it is, and this talk will show what it can do.

Calamares is a modular application. There are about 50 modules that do things during the installation process, so getting Calamares just right for your distro's needs can be a little tricky. But that also means that it can be adapted and massaged to do just what you need.

In this talk we'll:
- show off a couple of existing distro's which use Calamares
- talk about the way Calamares is configured
- talk about branding and theming Calamares

By the end you'll know enough to know if Calamares could be right for you, and how to contact the Calamares team on IRC for further help.


Day: 2020-01-18
Start time: 13:50
Duration: 00:30
Room: Room 842-843
Track: Applications



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