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other: The Kdenlive Community

Kdenlive, KDE's Video Editor - a peek into the community.

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Kdenlive is KDE's video editor and the Kdenlive community is a vast group consisting of video editing enthusiasts, professionals and students curious enough to know how Kdenlive works. Discover how anyone can start contributing to Kdenlive and be a part of the community.

A kickstarter for anyone who is interested to be a part of the Kdenlive community, discover how Kdenlive functions both - as a community and as a fairly complex software along with a look into the Kdenlive codebase. As a contributor who started his open source journey with Kdenlive a year ago, I will also be sharing my experience with Kdenlive as a student with them and how any student can start contributing code to Kdenlive.


Day: 2020-01-18
Start time: 10:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: Room 842-843
Track: Applications



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