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Presentation: A Journey Down the QtQuick Scene Graph

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With Qt 5 came the introduction of the QtQuick scene graph, which provided a completely new way of drawing interfaces. For those not as familiar with how rendering on a GPU is done however, this new world can be rather daunting. Follow me down the rabbit hole and discover what lies beyond in a world of geometry and shaders.

In this talk, I intend to try and explain some of the inner working of GPU rendering and the QtQuick scene graph, based on my work on the KQuickCharts framework. I will discuss the general workings of the GPU, how to use the QtQuick scene graph and some advanced techniques that can be achieved with it.

This talk is intended for those with an interest in the inner workings of QtQuick. It is intended as an in-depth look and therefore recommended to have some understanding of how QtQuick works.


Day: 2020-01-18
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Room 842-843
Track: Technical



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