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Lecture: A Revolution in itself


The talk will be about KDE India and will highlight KDE Meetup 2013 held in India, the successes, the obstacles, the entire journey and the outcomes and also how it influenced and impacted the lives of many such young students who were inspired to contribute and to bring about a revolution by contributing to open source and KDE. It will be an indication and motivation for organizing many more such events and for spreading the motto and aim of KDE community - to share and to develop. It will aim at embedding the enthusiasm and motivation in everyone to bring about a change by organizing many such more events.

This talk will essentially be about KDE India and its expansion through the inclusion of many more developers and the role that KDE meetup 2013 played in the entire process. KDE Meetup 2013 was organized to live up to the aim of the KDE community - everyone is a part and everyone can contribute, and this event was their launchpad into the world of open source and real world programming. It helped to get all those budding developers started on contribution to open source and the KDE community and inspite of many obstacles, it ensured that each and every delegate made the most of the event and left the place with a dream and an aim to do something for the community - to bring about a change, to create something new, something which billions of people around the world can use. Just the inception of a motive, a will can change many peoples' lives, hence the talk will aim to motivate all those that always wished to organize such events but were intimidated by it and didn't have the will or confidence to do so.The aim is to organize many more of such events not only in India but in all the parts of the world and to make them as constructive and beneficial as possible so that they can have a huge impact on not only the enthusiastic developers and budding contributors but also the KDE community and of course the millions of KDE users as well.


Day: 2013-07-13
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 00:30
Track: Community




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