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Workshop: Profiling 101

How to find bottlenecks in applications


Everyone wants to write fast applications. Users will love you and the environment will thank you. But how does one actually make an application perform well?

Last year, I gave a brief overview on profiling tools in my talk "Apps on Speed" at Akademy and DevDays. This time, I want to go deeper and actually showcase how I profile code. The workshop will show you the tools and how to run them on your application. While at it, some tips and tricks for C++/Qt developers will be mentioned, which will increase the performance of many common programming patterns.

The workshop is aimed at developers. But it will also be interesting for testers, who want to provide developers with useful feedback on the performance of applications.

Over the course of one hour, I plan to show you various profiling tools. For every tool, you will learn
- whether is the right tool for the job
- how to run it
- how to visualize the data
- how to interpret the results

The above will be done as a case study. We will look at a test application which comes with various performance issues. With the help of the profiling tools we will find these issues. Then, I show you how to improve the performance by writing a benchmark and applying some common tips and tricks I learned while working on Qt code.


Day: 2014-09-08
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 00:55
Track: Workshop (1 hr)




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