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Presentation: VVAVE project

Vvave, vvave stream and pulpo


This presentation aims to take on an overview of Vvave as a whole project by re-introducing Vvave as cross-platform application, presenting the Vvave stream platform, Pulpo MIR’s (music information retrieval) system and showcasing the multiple ways the community can get involved.

The porting of Vvave to Kirigami:

Vvave started as a simple music player, and pretty fast has evolved to become a larger project.
Last year, when I first presented Babe to the KDE community at Akademy Almeria, the talk about the Kirigami framework got me excited and then I started making Vvave a truly cross-platform application and mobile-ready, so I started working on Vvave to make use of QQC2 and Kirigami and the road has been great so far and now Vvave runs on Android, Linux GNU desktops and is ready for Plasma Mobile.

The Vvave stream platform:

On the Vvave presentation talk from last year, I tried to make a point about the benefits of letting the multimedia desktop applications learn from the internet, with that idea still on mind I started pondering on the idea of implementing an open music information platform to furthermore bring closer Vvave to the internet. Such platform would not only benefit Vvave, but perhaps many other music players.

The platform is named Vvave stream, it’s up and running and its goal is to become a free/open platform that resembles a mixture of Genius/SoundCloud/LastFM/Spotify.

Pulpo MIR system

Vvave and the Vvave stream platform both use a basic implementation of a MIR system called Pulpo, a system that makes use of several web services to collect music information to later on analyze in order to give contextual feedback to the application about the music collection.

Getting involved:

Vvave, Vvave stream and Pulpo are parts of the VVAVE project that covers much more spaces than, maybe, someone would suspect, and there are a lot of ways the community could get involved: from testing to contributing with code on different parts with JavaScript, QML, C++, Python, to working on the UX/UI design of Babe application and the BabeIt platform, to translations, and also helping with data analysis, web crawling and data mining on the Pulpo MIR system.


Day: 2018-08-12
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 00:25
Room: EI7
Track: Applications



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