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Fast Track: KF5 for Yocto

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At Akademy one year ago Johan Thelin's work on packaging KDE Frameworks 5 for Yocto has been revived and expanded. This talk will present the current state of this work.

Yocto is one of the most popular solutions for embedded Linux applications, and therefore an attractive platform to promote KDE Frameworks 5 in the embedded industry. With Qt already being widely used in this field, having KF5 easily available would obviously be desirable.

However, this is essentially packaging KF5 for yet another distribution. A primary focus therefore has been on making this as sustainable as possible by reducing the work needed to update to a new release as much as possible. This is mainly achieved by a zero patch policy and automation where possible.

We'll also touch on considerations and challenges around cross-compilation needed for Yocto.


Day: 2018-08-12
Start time: 11:35
Duration: 00:10
Room: EI7
Track: Fast Track & Lightning




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